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Already in the very first year that SWAN Day Berlin took place, we received more than 80 applications by women artists from 19 countries who wanted to present their work at the festival, of whom we chose and presented 23 artists.

SWAN Day Berlin 2008 was held over four days, March 27 - 30, 2008.

The festival consisted of:

* performances and installations of selected works by female artists/ female-led ensembles, see -> program and -> artists for more information

* -> workshops on planning, financing and marketing your artistic project

* -> open discussions on the role of women in the performing arts

* -> an Open Space that provided artists and interested audience members with the opportunity to meet and network. The Open Space included further performances and a short film program and concluded the festival SWAN Day Berlin 2008.

Fell free to download the -> full program of SWAN Day Berlin 2008 - our invitation to the festival - as a pdf file.

Were you a visitor of SWAN Day Berlin 2008? Let us know your thoughts about the event by -> posting a report on the Fund for Women Artists' web page.

You'll be able to -> read all reports that have been posted on the web site about other SWAN Day events worldwide.

SWAN Day Berlin 2008 took place at Das Pumpwerk,
a new Berlin space for the performing arts. We'd like to thank the Pumpwerk and its Artistic Director Mihkail Honesseau.

Many, many thanks go to -> WomenArts for their valuable help and their enthusiasm, their support of women artists, and for announcing and coordinating SWAN Day - the internationally held holiday that celebrates women artists.

Many thanks for the photography of SWAN Day Berlin 2008 go to -> Marion Borriss, for the videography to -> Elisabeta Wilken.

We'd also like to thank the "Prenzlberger Ansichten" as well as:

Thanks to everybody who helped at the festival itself; thank you everybody who gave their time and money in support of SWAN Day Berin 2008.

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