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Once more we invited women artists of all disciplines to apply to present their work at SWAN Day Berlin. We received an enormous amount of applications: more than 240 women artists sent us their proposals, from which we put together the festival's program.

SWAN Day Berlin 2009 took place on Saturday, March 28, 2009, at the -> Wabe. The festival's program consisted of:

Short Film Program I:
"Transformation" - Joanna Surowiec
"Il Futuro È Rosa" - Rosa Futuro
"Ein Platz an der Sonne" - Sarah Arriagada
"Queens of Iron" - Latifa Sayadi
"QUIO: Rising Tide" - Christine Lang

Short Film Program II:
"Zeugnis ablegen" - Uta Pongratz/ Krebs wirft Licht
"Unravel" - Inbal Yomtovian
"Granny" - Özlem Sulak
"The Journey with Humberto" - Karina Kiczek
"Maybe One Day" - Isidora Ilic
"Untitled" - Nancy Buchanan

"Snake Song" - Heini Nukari

Spoken Word Performances:
Maren Hilse, Joey Juschka, Katinka Kraft, Nelo Locke, Shannon Sullivan , Paula Varjack and Antonia Isabelle Weisz

"Gastspiel" - Ingerid E. Ljosland
"Heritage" - Maria Norefors
"Intensivstation" - Elena Ilina

Throughout the evening there were discussions and interactive information stands.

Have a look at the pieces presented at the festival under -> program, learn more about the participating artists under -> artists, or go to -> documentation to see what it was like at the event itself. You may also download our -> program overview & invitation (pdf).

About the programming:

At SWAN Day Berlin 2009 the political met the personal in form of explosive and poignant art.

The film showings presented works by filmmakers from Germany, Israel, Turkey, Serbia, Tunisia, France, Italy, Poland and the United States. The films depicted the artists' examinations of life in their country of origin and current events as seen through the lens of their personal and cultural history.

Shut Up and Speak met SWAN Day Berlin for the spoken word performances. Spoken word is a very direct and intimate form in which self-written texts are performed by the author for the audience. Designed to give poetry back to the people, spoken word has its roots in the Beat Generation and Hip Hop. The performances were held in German and English, followed by an Open Mike.

The interactive information stands and -> discussions were designed to raise awareness for the issue of equal representation and equal pay for women artists. At different stations the public were invited to take a deeper look into the statistics and get involved. In the "Count for Yourself Box" audience members were encouraged to leaf through current programs of theaters, cinemas, music halls, etc. and count the number of female directors, authors, conductors they can find. At a different stand audience members could take the -> WITASWAN pledge and commit themselves to seeing at least one work a month which was written, directed, composed, etc. by a woman.

SWAN Day Berlin 2009 was presented by Shannon Sullivan and Joey Juschka of -> Performance Lab Berlin in cooperation with -> WomenArts, -> MusenTritt and -> Shut Up and Speak.

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