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The artists of the three performances of SWAN Day Berlin 2010:

Eva Baumann

Raised in Stuttgart, she started her dance education at the John-Cranko-School. After receiving her university-entrance diploma she continued her studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and at the University of Performing Arts Frankfurt/ Main. Afterwards she studied choreography in Rotterdam and has lived in Amsterdam since her graduation. She works as a freelance dancer (currently with Colette Sadler, Berlin/ Glasgow, and Vincent Dunoyer, Brussels). Since a couple of years she has been creating her own work as well (mostly solo work) which has been shown in the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania.

Anna Melnikova

Anna Melnikova, born in 1978, Russian, completed her dance studies in Moscow and is a graduate of Choreographic Studies of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst "Ernst Busch" in Berlin. Her own choreographic works were invited to numerous festivals (Berliner Tanztage, off-limits/ Dortmund, among others) and competitions (c.o.n.t.est 08/ Estland, festival Fantasio Picolli/ Italy). In 2008 she was awarded a stipend by the Alfred-Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. and a grant of the Berlin senat for her diploma work "ich sage, dass es (m)ein russischer abend ist". In November 2009 she won the first jury prize at the International Theater-Regie-Festival in Leipzig with "The Bacchae". Her next premiere will be in July 2010 at the Monaco Dance Festival. She lives and works as a dancer and choreographer in Berlin, Germany.

Shannon Sullivan

Shannon Sullivan is a poet and multidisciplinary performance artist. Originally trained as a professional dancer, she completed her actor's training at the American Musical und Dramatic Academy and continued to study acting, writing, anatomy, music and improvisation. She is the founder and Artistic Director of Performance Lab Berlin as well as the initiator of the yearly event SWAN Day Berlin. She has brought several pieces to the stage, which were shown in Berlin, London and New York, among others. Her latest piece "13 poems in a body" premiered at the festival "frisch eingetroffen".
After "Ode to a knee" (2009), "Broken: Part I" is her second solo piece that investigates the intercation of movement and language.

The artists of the "Two Sides" exhibition at SWAN Day Berlin 2010 in alphabetical order:

Kathleen Baberio
Chloe Bezer
Hadmut Bittiger
Elektra Bregenz
Ulrike Brockmann
Katrina Brown
Lia Chavez
Francesca Ciardi
Marion Coleman
Madeline Corey-Thomas
Marjorie DeQuincy
Ruth Devorah
Monika Drozynska
Doro Eitel
Petra Fleckenstein-Pfeifer
Beate Freier-Bongaertz
Rana Grosser
Karen Haase
Stephanie Hanna
Anke von der Heide
Frauke Helwes
Brigitte Holtermann
Draga Jovanovic
Irene K
Inge Koch
Li Koelan
Barbara Körkemeier
Heike Kuhlmann
Christina Kyriazidi
Tilla Lingenberg
Ingerid E. Ljosland
Alice Masprone
Amalia Melis
Verena Meyer
Janina Moninska
Gabriele Müller
Zainab Angelika Müller
Brigitte Neufeldt
Stephanie Nückel
Veronica Otto
Camilla Pahlsson
Friederike Plafki
Virginia Pompe
Nathalie du Prel
Luisa Rund
Jana Schmeißer
Elke Schmid
Beate Schmitt
Janine Schneider
Katharina Schwärzer
Katja Seifert
Hilla Steinert
Dikla Stern
Jutta Strato
Kruna Tarle
Andrea Thema
Lily V.R.
Dani Waltenberger
Susanne Weber
Silke Wiegand
Vera Witleer
Enatalem D. Zeleke

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