SWAN Day Berlin

The artists of the piece "13 poems in a body - part one: take two" of SWAN Day Berlin 2011:

Shannon Sullivan (concept, text, direction):

Shannon Sullivan is a poet and multidisciplinary performance artist. She received her classical dance training at several renowned schools in the USA: Joffrey Ballet School, Boston Ballet School and North Carolina School of the Arts, among others. In addition, she completed her training as a professional actor at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and worked for several years as a freelance performer in New York. In 2004 she moved to Berlin to focus on creating her own pieces. Her work focuses on the physicality of language and the interaction of poetry and movement. "Ode to a knee" (2009), "Broken: Part I" (2010) as well as "13 poems in a body" and "13 poems in a body – part one: take two" explore this theme.

Mor Demer (dance, movement composition):

Mor Demer was born and raised on the Kibbutz Dvir in Israel. She studied at severeal dance schools and training programs, including the "Vertigo Dance Company". She worked as a dancer in the "Young Vertigo Company" in Jerusalem as well as with various choreographers: Imanuel Gat, Galit Lis, Inbal Oshman, Sasha Shmurak, Elad Shechter, among others. Today she lives and works in Berlin. She performs solo and group improvisation and works as a dancer for various choreographers.

Joey Juschka (dramaturgy):

Joey Juschka studied English and German linguistics. She works as a writer, performer and dramaturg. In addition, she is active in photography, film and web design. Her short films were shown at international festivals and she has published several short stories.

The artists of the "Two Sides" exhibition at SWAN Day Berlin 2011 in alphabetical order:

artevale/ Kathleen Ann Barberio
Karolin Back / KBM
Eva Baumann
Asa Maria Bengtsson
Bettina Boos
Petra Brenner
Jordis Brook & Stefan Schweiger
Alexine Chanel
Tsai Chueh-Lin
Karin Davids
Marjorie DeQuincy
EX!T Ausgangspunkt Theater/ Elke Schmid
Petra Fleckenstein-Pfeifer
Heike Huismann
Kranevit Theater/ Mo Bunte & Ulrike Johannson
Christa Krings & Victoria Meienburg
Andrea Kurmann
Malgorzata Markiewicz
Verena Meyer
Silke Müller
Zainab Angelika Müller
Monika Ortmann
Nikolett Papp
Kathlyn Pope
Lily Violet Rose
Anja Christine Roß
Nadja Schüller-Ost
Tsai Shu-Hui
Kerstin Siehl
Dikla Stern
Kruna Tarle
Susanne Weber-Lehrfeld
Gisela Weimann
Roberta Weissman Nagy
Vera Witleer

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