SWAN Day Berlin

The international holiday SWAN Day will take place again on the last Saturday of March – March 31, 2012. But this year "SWAN Day Berlin" will not take place in Berlin – we're taking the event abroad!

SWAN Day Berlin 2012 will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The initiators and hosts of SWAN Day Berlin, Shannon Sullivan and Joey Juschka, will be artists in residence in Albuquerque for the month of March and will present the outcome of this residency on March 31, 2012. SWAN Day Berlin goes Albuquerque!

Please follow the links below to find out more about the three events that emerged from the residency:

Two Tower Concerts
with Shannon Sullivan

A Write-a-thon
with Joey Juschka
and Shannon Sullivan

Three House Concerts
with Shannon Sullivan

Click here to read -> Finding Voice, Shannon Sullivan's essay celebrating SWAN Day 2012.

We don't want Berlin to go without a SWAN Day this year, though. SWAN Day stands for Support Women Artists Now Day, and we'd be thrilled if women artists from Berlin would take matters into their own hands and put on events that support women artists – a reading, a performance, any other event – no matter how small or big.

The criteria for such an event are:

* the event takes place in the months of March or April
* at least 50% of the participating artists are women**
* women are in the leading positions – i.e. as a choreographer (as opposed to a dancer under a male choreographer)

Use the international SWAN Day web site to post your event and connect it with other events, www.swanday.org. Be part of the international SWAN Day – Support Women Artists Now!

We look forward to many exciting events, and, of course, to SWAN Day Berlin 2012 goes Albuquerque!

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